The ultimate pedicure guide


First and foremost, wash your feet a few times per day. Our feet tend to get sweaty and smelly after a long day of work and stress. To prevent bad odour and ensure proper hygiene, washing with soap and water will keep your feet feeling fresh all throughout the day. Make sure to wash right between the fingers too to prevent possible infections!

Scrub and File

Scrubbing and filing the feet at least once a week is mandatory! All the dirt and dead skin cells need to be scrubbed away to have softer, brighter skin. The heels should be paid special attention to, as they often get rough and patchy, a condition typically labelled as ‘cracked heels.’ Accumulation of calluses causes such patches and they need to be filed away with a foot file. Foot files are available in most local cosmetics stores. Be careful not to file too hard as that may end up damaging your skin!


Once the feet are squeaky clean, take a while to dry it. Use a towel; let it have some contact with air and dry before wearing socks or shoes. Drying is important because a wet foot is prone to fungus infections.


Moisturising the feet on a daily basis is necessary for softness and hydration. Our feet tend to dry out and moisturising helps to prevent that, leaving your feet with smooth skin. Lotion, petroleum jelly, cuticle cream, vitamin E oil etc. are the commonly used moisturisers for the feet. It is typically advised to apply a good amount of moisturiser right before bed to ensure thorough soaking-in and hydration.


Massage your feet every once in a while. This is not only relaxing, but also ensures proper blood circulation throughout the body! While you massage, apply just the amount of pressure you can endure for best results. Massaging can help prevent muscle sprains as well.


No pedicure is complete without some nail care. After prepping your feet, it’s time to show the nails some love. Cut and file the nails according to your preference. Excessively long nails should be avoided on the feet to help keep them clean and prevent injuries. Once they’re in a good shape, apply a nail lacquer that matches your outfit and finish off with a top coat.


For proper foot care, pay attention to the shoes you’re wearing. If a pair of shoes doesn’t fit well, they’ll cause both discomfort and injuries. Trial before buying your shoes is a must to make sure they fit right. Walk around in them a little so they stretch out, fit better and feel more comfortable.


• Do not leave the house without applying sunscreen.

• Rough feet can be healed by applying petroleum jelly and wearing socks before sleeping at night for a few weeks straight.

• Rough patches can be healed faster with ointments.

• Glycerine-rich foot creams can soften the skin quicker.

• For clean feet, always wear slippers at home.